Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) now bookable online

Effective June 1, 2021, Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) will become bookable on our external channels. In the course of this Lufthansa Cargo will extend the Manual Booking Fee to IBC shipments and will charge 12.00 EUR (ex Germany and Eurozone) respectively 12 USD (ex AO, BR, IL, KE, MX, PA, TR, UY, US) or equivalent of 12 EUR in local currency per Air Waybill if the IBC shipment is not initially booked via an external channel.

Please note that the previously applicable regulations are still valid. In case of liquids Lufthansa Cargo only accepts IBCs with a minimum filling level of 80% and a maximum filling level of 95%. The filling level and the total weight of IBCs must be indicated on the AWB.

Please note that it is mandatory to declare IBCs filled with liquids at time of booking. You will be able to book the option IBC in Lufthansa Cargo’s eBooking by selecting the respective “Commodity”. Bookings via EDI/Cargo-IMP and the smartBooking API must contain the corresponding IBC commodity. Additionally, it is necessary to book IBC shipments as not stackable (eBooking: “Not Stackable“ tick box in “Add/upload individual shipment information”; Cargo-IMP: Loading Indicator NST in OSI line; API: Indicator in field “Stackable“= false). Solids in IBCs do not have to be declared at time of booking. All IBCs are still excluded from the BUP/SMU program. Furthermore, it is not allowed to transport IBCs in any Lufthansa Cargo cool container.

Further details can be found in the IATA TACT Rules 8.3 “Information by Carrier” (Lufthansa).



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01. June, 2021
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