Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Adjusted export acceptance time at FRA – Radioactive Material (RRW, RRY)
Export FRA
Radioactive Material - RRW/RRY

Effective 1st of June, 2021 the export acceptance time for radioactive shipments need to be restricted at our hub Frankfurt (FRA) due to limitated storage capacity for radioactive material during the modernization phase of our Lufthansa Cargo Center. The export acceptance is only possible up to max. 30 hours prior scheduled time of departure (STD).

The requirements for import delivery remain unchanged. Pick-up shall take place latest 24 hours after notified. Otherwise an increased storage fee is payable.

The above restrictions are valid for all shipments containng RRW or RRY. Radioactive Material in excepted packages (RRE) is not affected.

Shortage of storage capacity

Observe export acceptance time at Frankfurt (FRA) of max. 30 hours prior scheduled time of departure (STD) for shipments containing radioactive material RRW or RRY.  

  • No acceptance of shipments
01. June, 2021
Until further notice
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