Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Removal of IATA DGR Operator Variation LH-05 for UN3373 Biological Substance Category B
UN3373 Biological Substance Category B

Effective 1st January 2021 Lufthansa Cargo will allow and accept shipments containing UN3373 Biological Substance Category B (RDS) in standard packaging meeting the requirements of IATA DGR Packing Instruction 650.

With IATA DGR 62nd Edition 2021 our Operator Variation LH-05 involving restrictions relating to packaging of UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B (RDS) will no longer be in place. Same applies to respective Operator Variations for Austrian Airlines (OS-05) and for Brussels Airlnes (S-08). The variations will show as “not used” to indicate removal from regulations. 



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01. January, 2021
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