Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

SUMA customs reporting on HAWB level in Frankfurt

Since 8th June Lufthansa Cargo has changed SUMA reporting to German customs to HAWB level. This change was undertaken to be able to finally comply with a customs requirement that has been in place for many years. It states that it is mandatory to have a one-to-one relation and referencing between ICS Entry summary declaration and German SUMA. 

In order to avoid any irregularities it is required to ensure, that any following customs processes are only triggered once the complete Master has been confirmed and is available in Frankfurt. Confirmation messages are sent via ATLAS on HAWB level (Verwahrmitteilung). It is not allowed to deliver part shipments of Consolidations to the customer. Parts of a Master AWB can only be stored out if a deconsolidation has been ordered according to existing contracts with LCAG.

Please also note that a compliant reporting can only be ensured if complete and correct House AWB data is transmitted to Lufthansa Cargo in accordance with the Consol Manifest.


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08. June, 2020
Until further notice
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