Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Update - Data elements required for Argentina Customs

*Guideline updated, please see changes in messaging section in green"

AR customs is starting to enforce mandatory data required for import clearance in Argentina.

Data is TAX ID number of Consignee and HS Code(s) for the shipment.

Requirement applicable to all Master and House Waybills. Details see attached guideline.


Transmit the required Tax ID number and HS Code(s) for every MAWB and HAWB (where available) as detailed in the attachment.

Data on MAWB level to be transmitted in FWB, for HAWB in FHL.

Please note changes making messaging easier.

  • Increased waiting times during import/delivery
  • No customs clearance possible
18. May, 2020
Until further notice
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Overview of process changes