Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

CHAMP Messaging Customers
All FWB/FHL messages sent via CHAMP

We have been informed that CHAMP is currently expierencing significant IT issues since 01:48 FRA LT - 11.Dec.2019. Lufthansa Cargo, as well as other carriers, are not receiving any FWB/FHL messages from CHAMP customers. We have been advised that you are are not receiving an FNA, therefore you may not be aware of the problem.

CHAMP will provide Lufthansa Cargo with the next update at 18:00 FRA LT.

IT concerns

To ensure a smooth acceptance process we kindly request all CHAMP-messaging customers to provide us a hard copy of the AWB / HAWB at the station of origin.

  • Increased waiting times in the export acceptance process
  • No acceptance of shipments
  • Shipment cannot be transported
11. December, 2019
Until further notice
Your local sales office
Overview of process changes