Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Digital notifications available to inform about insufficient data with customs relevance --- copy ---

For all eAWB shipments to China, Kenya and Israel Lufthansa Cargo’s system will, as of the 22nd October, automatically check the transmitted data* for the existing official import requirements from the above mentioned countries. In case of content issues in the data* for those countries, eAWB customers will get an instant feedback based on the transmitted AWB and HAWB data*. This will give our eAWB customers the possibility to solve issues before delivering the freight.

We continue to use the existing channels so customers will receive an error message (FNA or XFNM) if the automated checks find an error. With these upcoming changes customers might receive more rejection messages as in the past. To be able to clearly differentiate between “normal” errors and these content based errors there will be a new suffix “C” (e.g.: CNE07C iso. CNE07) following the IATA standard.

In addition to the FNAs, customers can subscribe for automated eMails or SMS (via eServices/eTracking). LINK / see picture attached.

Users of the “eAWB Data Capture” on eServices will get instant feedback while inserting information into the tool in case of missing information.


- Subscribe to notifications to help identify shipments with non sufficient data if not already subscribed (see attachment for details)

- In case of notification as above correct data and resubmit FWB/FHL message with correct data

  • Potential delay
22. October, 2019
Until further notice
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