Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

German Customs started enforcing valid goods descriptions

German customs is insisting on acceptable good descriptions for shipments into the EU.

The goods description may not be generic (e.g. Spare Parts) but shall be specific enough to allow risk analysis through customs.

Please follow this link for the list of acceptable and unacceptable goods descriptions.

This is aplicable for shipments globally. Currently only German customs is known to enforce compliance by holding shipments until the data has been provided in the requested manner.

Please note, that contrary to the list, Consolidation is indeed acceptable for airlines, as long as the availability of HAWB data for the shipment is ensured. HAWB data must comply with acceptable terms as per the examples in the list.


With immediate effect please ensure that shipments transported by Lufthansa Cargo are delivered to us with a goods description that follows the standards of the list.

This is especially relevant for shipments into Europe. Other countries might follow suit.

Kindly adapt accordingly; our stations may have to refuse accepting shipments that are non compliant, as customs tightens the sanctions.

  • Increased waiting times during import/delivery
  • No acceptance of shipments
14. May, 2019
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