Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

8digit tariff code mandatory for export shipments on RFS
All but EU

The first phase of the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) 5 standard used for road transport in the EU, EFTA, Turkey, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom, must be implemented in Germany by latest 30th NOV 2023. 

With the introduction of the new standard (Atlas 9.1) in Germany, the 8-digit customs tariff number (common nomenclature) will become a mandatory value, for all shipments being linked to an export accompanying document (ABD) and being put into such a transit procedure. Among other cases, a transit procedure is required when transporting EU/union goods across an EU border to or via an NCTS country (e.g. Switzerland, UK) per road feeder service. 

This is mandatory at both HAWB and MAWB level. 


Provide 8 digit tariff code for all export shipments linked to ABD and truck to/via third country.

See attached (in German only) for more details.

  • Shipment cannot be transported
20. November, 2023
Until further notice
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