Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Brazil customs: Tax ID required as of 01. JULY 2023
SAO F/GC; Brazil

As per Brazilian Customs requirements, which become duty as of 01. July 2023, the Federal Tax Identification (CNPJ number in case of Legal Entities, CPF in case of Physical Person or PASSPORT in case of Physical Person without CPF/ tax ID) MUST be reflected in the FWB/XFWB message in OCI lines and has to be provided to the carrier prior to goods acceptance at origin.

The data shall always be in the following OCI field:



Following format is expected:

Consignee Type

Example of Supplementary Customs Information in OCI:


Required value formatExample of the complete OCI line
Legal EntityCNPJ12345678901234CNPJ<number with 8 or 14 digits)OCI/BR/CNE/T/CNPJ12345678901234
Physical PersonCPF12345678901CPF<number with 11 digits>OCI/BR/CNE/T/CPF12345678901
Physical Person without a Tax ID / CPFPASSPORT12345678AB24PASSPORT<alphanumeric up to 25 digits>OCI/BR/CNE/T/PASSPORT12345678AB24

Please ensure that CNPJ, CPF or Passport number are transmitted for each consignee in the FWB (XFWB) message in OCI line to the carrier prior to cargo acceptance.

Lufthansa Cargo encourages all customers to start submitting data immediately including the required data elements, in order to be compliant as of 01. July 2023.

Without Tax ID numbers no customs clearance will be possible and additional warehouse charges will apply, as shipments will be placed on hold at destination.

In case of further questions, customer should address them directly to Brazilian Authorities and/or ask consignee to clarify with the Brazilian Authorities.

  • Additional costs applying
  • Increased waiting times during import/delivery
  • No customs clearance possible
01. July, 2023
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