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ICS2 GoLive Update: Deployment Window granted as per EU recommendation

As previously informed, the European Union is implementing a new Customs security and safety program “Import Control System 2 (ICS 2)”. 

Release 2, applicable as of March 1st 2023, is relevant for all air cargo and airmail shipments with origin in a third (non-EU) country with destination or transit in the EU.

Lufthansa Cargo has been well prepared for the ICS2 requirement and has adapted existing processes and several IT systems to ensure the on-time compliance to the authorities´ regulation. We would like to thank you for your support and active cooperation in preparing for the ICS2 implementation.

However, we were informed in the afternoon of FEB 28th 2023, that the European Commission made a significant last-minute change regarding the transition strategy to Release 2: Carriers operating direct flights from non-EU countries to EU member states not ready for ICS 2, were strongly recommended to request for a deployment window, in order to maintain safety and security across the EU. 

Our main focus is to ensure a smooth shipment flow under the ICS2 regulation. This is why we decided to follow the recommendation by EU authorities and have applied for and been granted a deployment window until latest 30th June. This is to accommodate the fact that our network includes several EU member states not yet ready for ICS2-implementation.


We are prepared to continuously support you in this dynamic environment and offer to use the next months as a joint ramp up period to ensure ICS 2 readiness. 

For this, please follow the previously shared action steps :

  • We encourage you to send electronic data for your shipments
  • Ensure the following data is available in your (x)FWB and FHL/(x)FZB messages before the goods handover for a timely ICS 2 filing by Lufthansa Cargo: 
    • Complete Routing
    • HS Code(s) on HAWB level 
    • A concise goods description as per the EU Guidelines on acceptable and unacceptable terms (guidance_acceptable_goods_description_en.pdf (
    • Consignee EORI/Trader identification number, where assigned
  • The more detailed the data, the less risk of a referral due to questions arising from EU authorities
  • Should you plan to do self-filing under the optional multiple party filing please contact us for alignment: 

We provide supporting documents on how Lufthansa Cargo is implementing the EU regulation “Import Control System 2 (ICS 2)”and an extensive FAQ section  at our website: 

ICS2 - Lufthansa Cargo ( 

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01. March, 2023
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