Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Dangerous Goods to/from Brazil - State Variation BRG-05
Dangerous Goods

Brazil has published a new state variation BRG-05 in the IATA DGR 64th edition, effective 1st January 2023. The variation mandates that dangerous goods packed in UN specification packaging transported to and from Brazil must be accompanied by a copy of the respective packaging approval certificate, issued by a civil aviation authority or any other appropriate national authority.


The approval certificate(s) have to be made available to Lufthansa Cargo along with the shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods consignments transported to and from Brazil. The airline is required to ensure compliance with BRG-05 by verifying that the certificate(s) are available upon the dangerous goods acceptance check. 


To avoid unnecessary rejections and delayed consignments please ensure that certificates for UN specification packagings are presented together with the shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods.

  • No acceptance of shipments
  • Potential delay
  • Shipment cannot be transported
01. January, 2023
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