Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Ramp-up to new data requirements Egypt

Even though no final date of enforcing the new requirements according to customs law 207 of 2020 has been officially communicated by Egyptian authorities, Lufthansa Cargo encourages customers to ramp up to transmit the required data.

That way, if and when the startdate is communicated short notice, readiness can be ensured and smooth flows of freight guaranteed.

Lufthansa Cargo is ready for this ramp-up phase.


Transmit required data as below:

  • ACID: a unique 19-digit number identifying the shipment issued by Egypt’s ACI system  // Example: 4891340332021120017.
  • Consignee code: a 9-digit number issued by the Egyptian Tax Authority uniquely identifying all registered importers in Egypt // Example: 489134033
  • Consignor code: either VAT or registration number issued by the appropriate authority for the shipper/consignor (exporter) in his home country, Example(s): 
    01-91350181611839374R  (VAT (01) number of a Chinese exporter) 
    02-DK11837921  (Commercial registration number (02) of a Danish exporter)


  • Shipper’s code and consignee code must be included in both FWB & FHL as per the shipper and consignee in each
  • ACID number:
    • For direct consignment shipment, the ACID number provided by the shipper will be included in FWB
    • For back to back shipment, the ACID number provided by the shipper will be included in FHL (No ACID number will be required in FWB)
    • For consolidation shipments, ACID numbers provided by the shippers will be included in FHL. The ACID number provided by the freight forwarder (Groupage ACID) will be included in FWB
1Sending identification code consignee’sOCI/EG/CNE/T/489134033
2Sending identification code shipper’sOCI/CN/SHP/T/01-91350181611839374R
3Sending ACID# for the shipmentOCI/EG/IMP/M/4891340332021120017
  • See text above
15. December, 2022
Until further notice
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