Notification - change in Lufthansa Cargo process

Enforced goods description requirements for ZXO/Courier Solutions Shipments
ZXO related products

In accordance with the European Taxation & Customs Union and CBP requirements “courier cargo” or any other generic goods description is not a valid commodity description.  Shipments with vague descriptions of their contents can be held or delayed by customs. 


Lufthansa Cargo will enforce this requirement effective on 20th of March 2022


An accurate goods description must be provided for any ZXO related product. “Commerical Cargo”, “Courier Cargo” will no longer be bookable. 


Please also be advised that a non-direct shipment is considered Consolidation as per TACT rules and house airwaybill data must be provided. 


Provide precise and correct commodity description on air way bill / FWB 

Provide house air waybill / FHL for non-direct shipments 

  • No acceptance of shipments
  • No customs clearance possible
  • Potential delay
20. March, 2022
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