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BUP Training Manual: New version for the build-up of Shipper Built ULDs (BUP, SMU)
Products booked as BUP/SMU

The BUP Training Manual has been updated, covering the build-up of BUP/SMU ULDs for our new Airbus A321-Freighter. Furthermore, the DGR CAT 5 qualification is now accepted in addition to the DGR CAT 8. The BUP500+ Refresher self-study has been updated, too. The new training documents and more documents related to Shipper Built ULDs (BUP, SMU) are available to download from our new web page (in English) or (in German). 


Implementation of the updated BUP Training Manual for the booking and the build-up of Shipper Built ULDs (BUP/SMU)

  • No acceptance of shipments
  • Potential delay
  • See text above
04. March, 2022
Until further notice
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